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Bloodline Cleansing

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·. Price:$150

Business Plan Writing

·. Price:$700


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Are you ready to unlock your inner potential and become a game changer in your life while you stengthen your awareness of the Courts of Heaven?

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77 reviews
  • Vinessa Rockingham·

    Dr. Dossett is very thorough. She is knowledgeable in education and spiritual matters. She allows God to use her effectively with a kind spirit. Dr. Dossett is a God send and I love her dearly.

  • Sheila·

    Everything went well and Dr.Cheroll is such a blessing she answers all questions and is very knowledgeable in many things

  • Carol E.·

    Dr. Cheroll is very patient, obedient to the voice of Holy Spirit, and caring. I feel comfortable with her leadership and look forward to my future growth and breakthroughs.

  • Carol E.·

    Had my Dr. Cheroll is very patient, obedient to God's voice, and caring.

  • J.Marie Gregory·

    The sudden turnarounds, verdicts and restoration I received from the entrance into the Court of Heaven have been amazing. I have also received divine settlements. My daughter has received healing in her body by the instruction given by Dr. C allow God to inform her the proper herbs and oils. In the mentoring sessions I receive encouragement, insight and guidance. I am grateful and thankful for Dr. C and the work she has committed to the Court of a Heaven and Soul Care Coaching.

  • Denise Shavers-Toussaint·

    I’m beyond grateful to God for sending Dr. Cheroll into my life and others. Her obedience and open ear to the Father is needed in this hour. There isn’t enough time, money, or even tears that can repay her for the COH experience!! It’s a wonderful blessing to be a part of such a journey to divine settlement in all of the lives who are willing to go!

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